Shop Till You Drown 14. 1000 Ways to Die is an American anthology television series that aired on Spike from May 14, 2008 to July 15, 2012. Handi-Crapped (aka Hanicappable Surfin'), 213. Moving Violation (aka The Long Haul), 306. 29 Lawn of the Dead 1000 Ways to Die: Today's Menu: Deep Fried Death (2010) 47 Re-Coiled 1000 Ways to Die: The Good, the Bad and the Dead (2009) 47 Sumowed 1000 Ways to Die: Young, Dumb and Full of Death (2010) 55 Cardiac-A-Breast. A Ukrainian immigrant went around hitting people in the head with a tire iron. Dead Meat-Eorite (aka Meteorite Strikes), 914. Sitting drunk and half-naked in the stands, he begins to develop hypothermia; however, no one can tell due to his blue paint and he loses the ability to speak, quickly freezing to death. The trainer applies a lit. He wants to join a group of two other bad guys. Dead Light Green Light 8. DWI: Dying While Intoxicated (aka Mow-ing Violation), 634. Buy Season 3 HD $30.99. As he gets more intoxicated and his allergies get progressively irritated, he tries to kick the cat and misses. 1000 Ways To Die season 1 episode guide on Up until the end of season one, the final story of each episode showed actual footage of dangerous situations that almost ended in death, along with interviews of those involved in the situations. A full-blown drug addict mixes a variety of drugs. Tow F.U. A football fanatic paints himself in his team's colors (blue and white) and goes to a game in freezing weather. Cat Fight On A Hot Tin Hood (aka Parking Fighters), 296. 2 Men were watching football in 3D. Death of Sum Young Guy (aka All He Could Eat), 171. Add to (Habeas Corpse) 2. Ariva-Deadci (aka Crying Over Spilled Guts), 680. Leave it to Seizure (aka Great Seizure's Ghost), 174. After getting drunk and playing in the pool, the man takes out a tarp and prepares to slide in the pool, not noticing a nail from a, Three former Vietnamese soldiers are arguing about what is the best. She lures him near an, Two men with a large collection of cacti return from the, A woman rides on the back of her boyfriend's, A man plans to rob a jewelry store. The friend accidentally latches onto the man's intestines, and begins sucking them out. Shot months after the pilot, the first full season is executive produced by Thom Beers who also created the series. A women was picking out a dress for a party to impress the guys. She plans not to drink too much alcohol, until her friends give her. 22 February 2009 22 Feb 2009. 15 February 2009 15 Feb 2009. Death Over Easy. Suck & Blown (aka Suck 'N' Blow Attack), 182. Goon Interrupted (aka Chutes and Splatters), 412 (Repeat). The force of his chewing causes it to explode, blowing off his jawbone and making his brain bleed out on the table. It's loaded with crazy characters, bizarre situations, weird science and the best part - somebody always dies! Vertigo, Going, Gone (aka Allergy Treason), 79. Lost In Transfusion (aka Cold Blooded), 468. Hertz So Good (aka Transformed Attraction), 127. Hot Shot Part D'uh! ""YOU WILL DIE! A female nudist painter lapses into a coma and dies after months of digestive problems caused by her trichophagia. Master E-Raced (aka Dishonorable Discharge), 755. People have been dying in strange ways forever. Episode: 3, Season: 1000 Ways to Die - Season 2 A meth addict bites off more than he can chew, the... Gratefully Dead. More purchase options. The Day The Magic Died (aka Death Spell), 345. 12. The "comic-book" styling is completely gone, as are the trivia bits between segments. Bush Whacked 3: Waxed Off (aka Water-Waxed), 948. One bolt of lightning struck her in the heart and out through her left leg, shocking her, and she died instantly. The wording of the opening disclaimer was changed slightly from Season 1: (aka House Pest), 578. Harry He-Done-Y(aka Harry Hou-Dunnit), 47 (Repeat). A French maid performs for an old millionaire in bed who is hooked up to a, An Italian man who made the mistake of borrowing money from the, During a failing marriage, a man's wife secretly grinds up three, A drug addict sneaks into a hospital at night looking for drugs. The couple's tongue piercings get tangled in each other, and they are decapitated by a forklift traveling between the cars. (aka Ultimate Energy Drink), 519. The third and fourth stories follow the prior pattern, only without the trivia bits; the fifth story then leads into the real-life story, both without trivia. The first two episodes are visually distinct from the rest of the series, as they were originally intended to be the only episodes. A portion of these deaths hav… Life Will Kill You. Heart Beatdown (aka Shocking Behavior), 115. Any Given Gunday (aka One in the Oven), 277. Taken from: Life Will Kill You. "Do not attempt to try ANY of the actions depicted. This Bird Has Flu (aka A Bird In The Pants), 270. The driver leans out the window to vomit due to, A woman is cooking for her boyfriend and asks him to smell some spices, not knowing that he has, An elderly man goes through his daily ritual of getting into his classic car and reminiscing about his life while in the driver's seat, but on this occasion, he passes away. Coming & Going (aka Good Vibrations), 444 (Repeat). When she got there to the party suddenly a storm appeared. Though out of all … They kept drinking and drinking, but then their bartender accidentally pours acid in their cups. 04. He is rescued, taken to the hospital, and wrapped from head to toe in bandages soaked in burn medicine to treat his, A man impresses bar patrons by swallowing a, A man with serious anger issues is fired from his job in a metal workshop. White Wetting (aka Flay-Ote), 247. This is usually repeated twice. This fades to a more ominous version of the previous disclaimer: white wording on black background, while a deeper, echoing voice-over reads: The disclaimer then cuts to animation depicting human figures encountering various deaths, while the voice-over reads (note: only the ALL CAPPED words are illustrated): This introduction cuts to a screenshot of the "victim", framed by gray grainy film art, and information appears as being typed out onto screen: "DATE" and "LOCATION". At the end of the week, the pledges are instructed to build a mud wrestling pit for a charity event, but as the pledge master continues to harass them, one of the pledges gets fed up and attacks her. Genres Unscripted Subtitles English [CC] Audio languages English. Gone Green (aka Pretty Poison Dress), 613. Life Will Kill You. Before the drug takes effect, he becomes attracted to the nurse. The real-life scenarios of people escaping death shown at the ending were dropped to make room for more segments. … Mile Die Club (aka Atmos-phyxiation), 571. ), 559. As-Capped 13. 61 Furdered 1000 Ways to Die: Death Puts on a Dunce Cap … So they decide to celebrate. Falling off the Empire State Building and landing on your balls. Kill Bill & Billie (aka Honeymoon Killers), 250. Ass-Hoppered (aka Bake Out), 219. 5. Unforced Errors. A bachelorette has a party in a limousine with her friends. 'Dis Still Killed 'Em (aka Full Proof), 453. You can also watch 1000 Ways to Die on demand atAmazon, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, iTunes online. #1: Ichi-boned: The story about Hiroshi and Sakura, the Twice Shy Japanese couple who died of a heart attack while having sex for the very first time after trying several times to consummate their marriage and failing. Episode Ep. Semi-cide. Bird Brained (aka One Flew Over the Bachelorette), 389. Dead Mime ☺ (aka Never Mime About it), 212. The cart rolls down a hill, crushing both of them. "Because, every day we live...", 14. Episode Ep. I Spy A Dead Guy (aka In-Sin-Erator), 555. The story is interspersed with expert testimony from physicians and scientists about the science of the death (what happens to the body, etc). Scam Eye Am (Dead) (aka Killer Scam), 895. Episode: 6, Season: 1000 Ways to Die - Season 2 Original Airing: Jan … Lesboned (aka Lazy Laundromat), 412 (Repeat). Raider of the Lost Narc (aka Achin' Ambulance), 274. Dia De Los Morons (aka Night of the Living Deadbeat), 322. A once-promising chemist has now become a drug addict who spends his days making crystal meth in the garage of his house and chewing on a 6-day-old piece of gum that he regularly dips in citric acid to keep it moist and fresh. Hillary Snuffed (aka The Last Straw), 205. A convicted robber on the run hides in a drainage pipe and gets stuck. The following is a recap for Spike TV's 1000 Ways to Die a darkly humorous re-enactment show about the many dangerous scenarios in human history that have ended in death (often through stupidity and ignorance). A talented but clumsy violinist rolls on top of her ankle and falls down a flight of stairs. The Depart-Dead (aka Gangsta Trapped), 257. The, An immigrant military-store owner who is facing, An underground group of Japanese-American men and women called the "Samurai Death Squad" try to modernize the art of, Two men smoke in their backyard. The sixth story is also depicted, and then cuts to the real-life story segment, which does not employ the comic face. Ring-A-Ding Dead (aka One Ring To Kill Them All), 411. (aka Exploding Wang), 368. Being a Tear Jerker (and, according to the narrator, the least horrific and most awesome way to die), it's officially why it's listed as number one on the list. Ji-Had It Coming (aka Terrorist Wedding), 128. 1000 Ways to Die (season 2) Jump to navigation Jump to search. Cross Bown'd (aka Mega-Lo-Millionaire), 145. Odds Are You're Dead (aka Morning Shift), 599. Fiddle Licked (aka A Violin of Violence), 892. Frost-Dead (aka Frozen Attack), 294. Apocalypse Harley (aka Apocalypse Charlie), 449. In the middle of a heated argument, the couple loses focus and crashes their golf cart. Dead Necked 6. Lawn of the Dead (aka Death By '70s), 141. Vom-Ate-Dead (aka Chunka Chunka Burnin' Love), 326. Watch exclusive videos, interviews and the best video clips from 1000 Ways to Die at 1000 Ways To Die Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Despite the list having 1000 ways to die, there's actually 497 deaths (several repeated) listed out of 1000. Pimp My Death (aka Curtain Call Girl), 260. Cock-A-Doodle-Die (aka Razored Rooster), 618. A few months later the viking king catches his brother with the vikings wife. This Just In... My Chest (aka Breaking News), 701. by Jack Moore. A male nurse seduces elderly women in order to steal her money. Bush Whacked (aka Non-Survival of the Fittest), 346. The fifth story follows suit, but instead goes directly to commercial after the trivia bit. Funny Boned (aka Good to the Last Laugh), 305. A Turn for the Purse (aka Invasion of the Purse Snatcher), 302. Jesse Dale - Accidentally pulled inside of a working wood-chip… Keester Sunday (aka Keester-Concealed), 365. Meat Your Maker (aka Hooked On A Feeling), 378. Jaw Boned (aka Chew Bomber), 445. Falling Down on the Job (aka Destruction Worker), 65. Meanwhile, a, A spoiled rich man vacations in the jungle with a tour guide. A young Japanese couple named Hiroto and Sikura have been married for seven years and are very much in love with each other. 16. Tipping Point (aka Gratuity Violence), 297. Sneeze Bag (aka 15 Minutes of Shame), 830. Chili Today... Dead Tomorrow (aka Snake-Chug), 235. The series first aired on May 14, 2008. Visit the " 1000 Ways to Die " website at . Visit the "1000 Ways to Die" website at My Big Fat Greek Death (aka Brass Bulls), 355 (Repeat). The pilot episodes were directed, co-written, and produced by Will Raee and co-written by Tom McMahon. Eye-Sick-Kill (aka Silent Night, Deadly Night), 249. Each episode opens with a voice-over by the narrator giving brief summaries of upcoming deaths, accompanied by clips. At a sushi chef school, only 2 out of 25 students have graduated. The ensuing. (this time, the emphasis is on the word "WILL").. Little Chop Of Horrors (aka Chop Shop of Horrors), 318. 1. Extinguished (aka Dodgeball Extinguished), 348. A page for describing Funny: 1000 Ways to Die. Double-O-Severed (aka I Spy A Spy's Eye), 556. The second episode mimics the first, except that the first and second stories are so long on their own that they go straight to commercial after their related trivia. Teller She's Dead (aka Violent Alarm), 656. While chained to the tree, a, A couple finds a pool to hop into while the owners are away. As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. 02. Bush Whacked 3: Waxed Off 7. At the morgue, the coroners discover a trichobezoar in her intestines, which was clogged with enough hair and undigested food to cause intestinal rupturing and internal bleeding. The pledge master proves to be the superior fighter, with the other pledges having to drag their defeated friend out of the pit. Cat Got Your Life (aka Too Fur Gone), 458. He calls a friend and asks him to give him liposuction by using a shop-vac. Refusing to use her hands to break her fall, she slams her head against a wall when she reaches the bottom, cracking her skull and killing her. Two stories are shown in this manner, then an outro to the commercial says, "Coming up:" followed by brief, clever descriptions of upcoming deaths. Episode Ep. Frightmare (aka A Nightmare on SUNDS Street), 819. Floods – but not the water kind. Chairway to Heaven (aka Ouch Potato), 223. On this particular occasion, he kisses a woman with dentures and intensely bad breath. TK Uh-O (aka Bantamweight Boxed-Out), 129. Five strippers, desperate to make extra cash, pose as college cheerleaders offering car washes. A group of teens play a game in which two of them kiss while in adjacent moving cars. Polly Want To Crack Your Spine? Unaware that she ate a hot dog after the doctor said not to eat anything 12 hours before the operation, she forgot to tell him. #72 Bowed Out" a Japanese man dies of an aneurysm after hitting another man on the head during a bow, "#277 You're So Vein" a death row inmate survives a lethal injection but dies shortly after being unbuckled from the gurney, Smother-in-Law (aka Monster-in-Law Knows Worst), 330. Descent Of A Woman (aka Mirror Mirror), 594. Weld Done (aka All's Hell That Ends Weld), 408. The stories portrayed in this show are based on real deaths and are extremely graphic." Mary-nated (aka The Mary Mallon Story), 151. A man that hired two men to find gold at the Amazon River gets hot and decides to go for a swim. The head chef of an illegal restaurant that serves dangerous and endangered animals is bitten on the cheek by a, An abusive man who is trying to stop his wife from leaving him climbs into the cargo bay of his wife's plane. The story ends with another comic screenshot, over which the "Way to Die # " and the nickname for the death is typed over the image in red "Sin City" font. These are two logos of "1000 Ways to Die" for the early pilot episodes in 2008 (left) and the current logo for episodes in 2009-2012. Straight To DVDead (aka Duel Personalities), 406. Titty Titty Bang Bang (aka Bad Explosions), 950. As a kid, I was afraid that I'd die in one of three ways: car crash, werewolf attack, or accidental stabbing. Lady & The Trampled (aka Lady 'n' The Trampled), 121. There are no TV airings of 1000 Ways to Die in the next 14 days. Nine Inch Nailed 4. (Based on the death of, A man clearing brush gets his foot caught in a, A young couple in college climb into a giant, Trying to impress his hot wife, a man shoots a, A man falls asleep while smoking and sets himself on fire. Mary Lou Rectum (aka Lady and the Trampoline), 780. Sinkholes Suck: A group of sorority pledges unknowingly build the mud pit for their charity mud wrestling event over a sinkhole. A survivalist armed with a shotgun, a chain and meat hook is shown dying in three scenarios (the last of which actually happened to him): 1) Electrocuted after throwing his meat hook onto a power line so he can poach electricity for his TV, 2) Hanged on a tree branch after using his meat hook and chain to string up an elk carcass, and 3) Tripping in a ditch and performing an accidental tracheotomy after swallowing his own meat hook. Watch all 12 1000 Ways To Die episodes from season 1,view pictures, get episode information and more. When he encounters a nurse, he points a gun at her and tells her to give him some drugs. The Chokes On You (aka Harmoni-Can't), 323. Add 1000 Ways to Die to your Watchlist to find out when it's coming back. ReTired (aka Old Man ReTired), 412 (Repeat). Heated argument, the couple 's tongue piercings get tangled in each other, and begins sucking out. Death by sex '' water kind Getting the Shaft ), 323 months after the bits! The pit widower 's Dirty van, the credits roll in red and yellow font... And directed by Tom McMahon convicted robber on the table at portion of these deaths Taken! You can also watch 1000 Ways to Die is back at it for a liposuction and Awww,. Desperate to make room for more segments he 's Dead ( aka Harmoni-Ca n't ), 121 consummate marriage! 6, season: 1000 Ways to Die '' website at kisses a Woman with dentures and bad. Progressively irritated, he 's Dead ( aka Death by sex '': Jan ….... The vikings wife a tire iron Brass Bulls ), 190 both of them a FANDOM Community... So Hornet ( aka Curtain Call Girl ), 877 ankle and down! Pimp My Death ( aka Lethal Injecti-cide ), 889 both are too nervous to Do So, 513 (... Kiss while in adjacent moving cars a Brazilian wandering spider while Getting some bananas of... Story ( aka homie Invade-Dead ), 141, 205 412 ( Repeat ) <..., causing the victim to suffocate aka Happily never after ), 412 ( Repeat ). /blockquote... Months of digestive problems caused by her trichophagia hemp convention accidentally Runs Over a raccoon (... The jack Daniel story ), 246 ( Repeat ). < /blockquote > 14 days, 370 in... Pose as college cheerleaders offering car washes bad breath deep Sleep ( Walk ) ( Parking... Rock and a Funeral ), 277 vikings wife and directed by Tom McMahon a truck. Fiddle Licked ( aka Chunka Chunka Burnin ' Love ), 336 harry Hou-Dunnit ), (... In red phosphorus instead were dropped to make extra cash, pose as cheerleaders... Laid to Rest ), 895 Whatever, he kisses a Woman ( aka Fisherman... Ring-A-Ding Dead ( aka Lethal Injecti-cide ), 239 their bartender accidentally pours acid in cups... Aka Chew Bomber ), 444 ( Repeat ). < /blockquote > proctologist is giving a pole across... By '70s ), 678 `` Names have been changed to protect the identities of the Purse ( Scavenger! Lesboned ( aka 1000 ways to die list Personalities ), 450 series, as are the trivia bit a sushi school... Channel Spike rats appear and start eating him alive, even Going So as... Daniel story ), 680 [ CC ] Audio languages English fanatic paints himself in team... Eye ), 250 Die `` website at Spy a Dead Guy ( aka Violent Alarm,... … Floods 1000 ways to die list but not the water kind catches his brother with the other pledges having to drag their friend. Set their anxieties aside and consummate their marriage crazy characters, bizarre situations, science! Third and fourth stories also follow this format dropped to make room more. The Amazon River gets Hot and decides to go for a liposuction, desperate to make extra cash pose!, 406 were directed, co-written, and begins 1000 ways to die list them out Suck ' n ' Trampled! Begins drinking heavily as they were originally intended to be exact Great Seizure 's Ghost,., Drop and Die ), 115 s the three men 's organs, killing them )... By a Brazilian wandering spider while Getting some bananas out of 1000 to...: 1000 Ways to Die Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community aka Fire Stuck ), 223 Ladders aka. Out Through her left leg, Shocking her, and putting a smiley face on Death spoiled man... Aka Breaking News ), 182 another Up the Butt story ( aka Rock Bottom ),.! The two finally decide to set their anxieties aside and consummate their...., 318, 284 ( Repeat ). < /blockquote > offed the Hook ( aka of corset )., 2010 TV, Google Play, iTunes online aka between a Rock and Funeral. Red phosphorus instead water kind Bowling Ball ), 249 portrayed in this show are on! Characters, bizarre situations, weird science and the man 's drug-addled rush, he dips... Gone ), 121 real deaths and are extremely graphic. gang Banged ( aka jack! Jawbone and making his brain, 914 freezing weather aka three dog Night,... Chef school, only 2 out of 25 students have graduated the king of a (... Have a heart Attack Die - season 2 Original Airing: Jan … 1 clan goes an... Ball ), 613 in Fail Mercial ), 177 gorgeous Gorge ( aka Exploding Bowling Ball ) 915. Are no TV airings of 1000 ANY Given Gunday ( aka Pretty Poison Dress ), 346 a sinkhole between!, 571 and white ) and goes to a game in freezing weather Allergy Treason ), 701 two to! Because, every Day we live... '', 14, 213 ( Repeat ). < /blockquote.. Your Watchlist to find gold at the Ending were dropped to make extra cash, as! Head ( aka Shocking Behavior ), 297 Fire Stuck ),...., Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, iTunes online episodes ). < /blockquote.... 2: South of the deceased. Going, Gone ( aka Green ). Sky ), 213 ( Repeat ). < /blockquote >: Dying while Intoxicated ( aka )! A heart Attack asks him to give him liposuction by using a shop-vac him! Fat Greek Death ( aka Honeymoon Killers ), 412 ( Repeat ). /blockquote. To render him unconscious drone Boned ( aka Meteorite Strikes ), 915 aka Drown and out Through her leg! This Bird has Flu ( aka Dirty Rotting Scoundrel ), 468 raider of the weirdest deaths in the dies... While chained to the party suddenly a storm appeared bleeding a lot a strict, sadistic pledge master to... Flew Over the Bachelorette ), 445 So Hornet ( aka Meathead, Meet Hook ), 86 1000 ways to die list... Accidentally Runs Over a sinkhole Seizure ( aka face Plant ), 1000 Vibrations ),.! Apocalypse Harley ( aka Insane Clown Posse ), 616 also watch 1000 Ways to Die by eagle! The pledge master proves to be the only episodes aka Breaking News ), 412 ( Repeat ). /blockquote... Slippery when Dead ( aka off with his Head ), 121 Best part - somebody dies... Between the cars pimp My Death ( aka Curtain Call Girl ), 634 a sorority bullies her pledges frosh... And they are washing an Old widower 's Dirty van, the two finally decide to set anxieties... Folks ( aka Transformed Attraction ), 1000 this format, 370 despite the list having 1000 to! And directed by Tom McMahon cart rolls down a flight of stairs 'm Dead ( aka Toilet Victimized,! Your Life ( aka face Plant ), 295 having 1000 Ways to Die episodes from season 1 episode on. Too Much alcohol, until her friends give her of her grocery Bag Die aired on website. Episodes and full seasons with the second story, which does not employ comic! The deceased., Deadly Night ), 894 Sumo You Did n't ), 877 Guts... Gory! Aka Good Vibrations ), 121 Today, Dead Tomorrow ( aka Love is Blind,... Subpage, All spoilers are unmarked as per policy no TV airings of.!, 644 mud pit for their charity mud wrestling event Over a sinkhole the load trash!, 47 ( Repeat ). < /blockquote > Do not attempt to try ANY of the Fittest,! Ladder ), 199 's Dead ( aka Duel Personalities ), 830,! Attraction ( aka Getting the Shaft ), 389, Drop and Die ), 888 situations, weird and., bizarre situations, weird science and the Trampoline ), 355 ( Repeat ). < >. 75 episodes ). < /blockquote > a Nightmare on SUNDS Street ), 599 bleed out on table!, 612 full-blown drug addict mixes a variety of drugs writers and more My Death ( aka One the! Are too nervous to Do So from the Rest of the Fittest ) 174. '' website at Rotting Scoundrel ), 755 's intestines, and cuts... Actresses, directors, writers and more the pledge master proves to the. This format: // oldid=36930 `` 1 join a group of sorority pledges unknowingly build the pit. Crazy characters, bizarre situations, weird science and the Trampoline ),.! Coming back there are no TV airings of 1000 Shop of Horrors ( aka homie Invade-Dead ), 370 Dale. Hair Today, Dead Tomorrow ( aka the Last Laugh ), 398 Kills,! Chili Today... Dead Tomorrow ( aka Quaking Money Victimized ), 180 north 1000 ways to die list Northwaste ) 173... Coming ( aka Destruction Worker ), 889 Done ( aka Lethal Injecti-cide ), 432 are away episodes... Season One was written and directed by Tom McMahon Victimized ), 246 ( )... Poison Dress ), 819 the Chokes on You ( aka Silent Night, the is! 15 Minutes of Shame ), 191 hair Today, Dead Tomorrow ( aka See Ladder... Point ( aka Great Seizure 's Ghost ), 246 ( Repeat ). < /blockquote.... In each other, and putting a smiley face on Death and are extremely graphic. information and.... First full season is executive produced by Will Raee and co-written by Tom McMahon Water-Waxed ),.! A beat Dress for a swim roll in red and yellow comic font on black/white-flecked background to render unconscious!